Worthing Masjid Prayer Times


We at Worthing Mosque aim to contribute towards achieving a cohesive, just and successful British Society.
To meet this aim we host regular personal, group and public visits from those who are not of the Muslim faith.

The purposes of these visits are to:

  1. Reduce the ‘unknown’ factor of members of the British public with their local mosque
  2. Ease tensions caused by constant negative media attention towards Islam and Muslims.
  3. Encourage members of the public to get to know their local mosque and meet their local Imam and Mosque management committee (i.e. put a human face to the building etc.)
  4. Celebrate the positive social work being performed by mosques in the UK.

Due to our friendly approach we welcome visits from many schools, scouts groups, church groups, various other local community/religious groups, etc. every year. The feedback we receive after these visits has been extremely positive.

We also host many individuals and couples who just want to drop by to say hello, experience what happens day to day in a Mosque and what the inside of a Mosque looks like.

We welcome anybody and everybody.

Please read our Visitors Guide – PDF which details the etiquettes and protocols of visiting a Mosque.