Morocco Emergency Earthquake Appeal – Friday 15th September 2023

Late Friday evening, 8th Sept will be remembered by many Moroccans as a deadly and life-changing evening, as a magnitude 6.8 earthquake brought devastation to the country’s Marrakesh-Safi region. As of Monday 11th September, casualty statistics read over 2,000 dead with nearly 3,000 people injured… more than half critically hurt. 

The damage from the quake has been devastating. Homes and portions of the city wall in the nation’s capital, Marrakesh have collapsed, leaving families trapped beneath the debris.

Nearby towns in rural areas have borne the brunt of the earthquake’s destructive terror. The towns of Tafeghaghte, Adassil and Imil have been severely decimated, with casualty figures rising by the day. In the remote rural areas, the full picture has yet to present itself as many these communities have been cut off due to landslides leaving huge piles of debris, leaving access routes for emergency services impassable. 

This is an emergency of immense proportions. The people of Morocco need our help and they need it now.

A collection will be held at Worthing Masjid on Friday 15th September 2023. All monies donated will be delivered to Human Relief Foundation who are working with their partners on the ground right now, to make an assessment of the aid needed to bring immediate relief to the survivors.

Libya Floods Emergency Appeal – 29th September 2023

More than 11,300 people have died and tens of thousands are believed missing after Storm Daniel hit the northern parts of the country. Many communities throughout the region are left without basic water, shelter and sanitation. Action For Humanity has launched an emergency appeal to support the people of Libya.

Collection on Friday jummah 29th September 2023 by Action for Humanity. Please donate generously. In sha Allah.

Jazakallahu khyran