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  • Jabed Kowsar

    Dear Imam/Masjid Committee
    As Salamu Alaikum. Please could you warn the people who come for prayer to park their car sensibly? It is not only causes problem for other cars, but also loses reputation of Muslim to other religions.
    I am providing with some examples: Last night on 30/06/2016, one of the gentleman parked his car so close to my car, which put me really difficulties to bring out my car.
    Few days ago on Monday 27/06/16, another gentleman parked his car half in footpath and half in main road and it was double parked next to my car. Last night on 30/06/16, the same car also blocked another car which was very difficult to come out.
    Last week another person parked his car and kept few inches gap from my car. Then I had to ask another person help to come out between two cars.
    The same car also put me a trouble on Monday night.
    Few days ago there is another man has blocked the Worthing Boys club entry.
    They all attend to mosque for good reason. How sensible it is when someone good reason put others to trouble. Is it right at all, when these people came to perform Islamic ritual?
    For me I pray 8 Raqat Tarawi between Sunday to Thursday as I need to start work early at 8am. As I need to go bed early and wake up for Seheri and Fajar prayer. I just want to say how difficult it is for a person when these ill manners of parking cause difficulties to other people. It also discourages not to attend mosque in Holy night.
    Tonight 30/06/16 and Friday night 01/07/16 will be extremely busy in Mosque. Please could you remind and request to all of us park properly tonight Tarawi Prayer, tomorrow Zummah prayer and 27th Friday Night.
    I have informed you all to explain the situation. It is not complaining.
    I could call police to show them, the way park. But we all come for good reason. It will also damage our reputation or in future police may forces some strong rules which may cause more difficulties to park (Example we always park double yellow line when we attend prayer and local people ignore it which helps us).
    Allah hafez

    Jabed Kowsar

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