• Robin

    Hi, Does anyone know what date Eid will be on? I need to book the time off from work.


    • admin


      Eid will be on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Unfortunately we cannot give an exact date until Monday evening. Please visit the website where a post will be added as soon as we can confirm


  • Mostafa

    Could i please enquire about the praying time application recommended on the site. I live in littlehampton and unfortunately we do not have a mosque so i alwayd prayed according to the mosque Adhan times on the website here.

    I have noticed the recommended app *mosjid now*but unfortunately, it gives times which i believe might nt be accurate. I set up my location as littlehampton but For example el ishaa(last pray) according to the mosque Adhan its around 10.35pm but accorsing to that app. For littlehampton el ishaa is at 11.25pm which i find hard to believe an hour difference especially littlehampton is very close to worthing. So as a trial, i set up my location as worthing anf it still gave different times to the mosque Adhan and ikamah by sometimes an hr i believe.

    Therefor, as am really confused if i live in Littlehampton could i just only praying according to the mosque times as i dont believe the app is 100% accurate and am not sure which time i should do the prayers now depending on the app or ad i always did according to the masjid times

    Jazaka Allahu kher

    • Masjid admin

      Assalamu alaikum,

      Thank you for contacting us about this. We have had a chat with the developer for the prayer app and they are looking into a nicer way to have this on the home page.

      They have advised that you are able to get the exact worthing masjid timetable by setting it as your favourite masjid, then on the home screen and swiping to the right. This will display options and you will see your masjid worthing, select this and it will display the correct worthing time table.

      The other option is setting the majsid website as your home page or favourites page for easy access.

      Please let us know if you get sny issues.


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