Jumuah Salaah at Worthing Masjid from Friday 28th May 2021


*Jumuah Salaah at Worthing Masjid from Friday 28th May 2021*


In Sha Allah from this Friday, there will be 2 Salaatul Jumuah offered in our Masjid and after each one, mussallees will be given time to quickly offer their Sunnah Salaah in the Masjid.

Also, this Friday, there will be a special collection for Gaza. Please donate generously.


English Bayan: 12.45 pm
1st Jumu’ah – 1:20 pm
2nd Jumu’ah – 2:00 pm

Please follow all Covid-19 Guidelines:

1) Make Wudhu from home
2) Wear a mask
3) Use a prayer mat
4) Sanitize your hands upon entering
5) Maintain social distancing at all times
6) Do not gather in groups both inside or outside the Masjid.

Please stay away if you have any Covid or Flu symptoms – fever, high temperature, sore throat, cough, lost sense of taste and smell, etc..

JazakAllah for your cooperation.


Imam Idris Nawab

(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)

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