**Jumuah Salah Times from 4th Sep 2020**


**Jumuah Salah Times from 4th Sep 2020**


Dear Mussallees,

Please note that from the 4th September 2020, there will only be two Jumuah Jamaats at Worthing Masjid.

*First Jumuah:*

English Bayan: 1pm
Arabic Khutbah: 1.20pm

*Second Jumuah:*

English Bayan:1.45pm
Arabic Khutbah: 2pm

( Musallees will be given 5 minutes before the Arabic Khutbah to offer their Sunnah Salaah )

Attendees will continue to be allowed in according to the order of their arrival and we humbly request everyone to adhere to the Masjid Covid-19 policy.

Unfortunately, due to limited space, we can not accommodate sisters till further notice.

Once again we thank you for your co-operation.

Please note: Although all effort has been made to follow the government’s Covid-19 policy, the Masjid cannot accept responsibility for any individuals.

Imam Idris Nawab
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)

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