Jumuah Salah times from 8th January 2021


*Jumuah Salah times from 8th January 2021*


InshaAllah Jumuah Salah will be offered at the following times on Friday the 8th of January 2021:

*1st Jumu’ah – 12:30pm*

*2nd Jumu’ah -12:50pm*

*3rd Jumuah – 1.15pm*

As a result of 2 metre social distancing, there is capacity for only around 75 people in our Masjid at a time. Attendees will be allowed in according to order of arrival.

There will be no English Bayan before any Jumuah salah

All attendees must wear a face mask and bring a prayer mat.

Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to at all times and hands must be sanitized upon entering.

Do not attend the Masjid If you or any of your family members are showing symptoms ( high temperature, new continuous cough or loss of taste or smell)

*2 metre distance must be observed whilst leaving the Masjid.*

JazakAllah for your cooperation.

Imam Idris Nawab
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)