Ramadan moonsighting confirmed

Assalamu Alaikum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Saudi moonsighting authorities have confirmed that they have sighted the moon. This means that the 1st taraweeh will be performed in our Masjid this evening (Sunday 10th March).

The timing of the 1st taraweeh in our Masjid is at 8.00pm and the 2nd taraweeh is at 11.00pm.

After second taraweeh this evening, a short meeting will be held to decide the time of the 2nd taraweeh for the rest of the month.

The 1st fast will In Sha Allah be observed tomorrow. (11th March). Iftar will be served in the Masjid every evening.

All Ramadhan timings and announcements can be found on the Worthing Masjid website. http://worthingmasjid.co.uk/

I wish everyone a blessed and spiritually uplifting Ramadhan (Ameen)

Imam Idris Nawab
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)