Re: Parking Announcement from Worthing Masjid Committee

Dear attendees to the Masjid,


With great disappointment, we are writing to inform you that the Masjid has received several complaints from surrounding businesses and residents regarding the manner in which attendees to the Masjid are parking their vehicles during Ramadhan.

As I am sure you are aware, our neighbour, Kuhr Engineering kindly grants the Masjid permission to use their car park between Maghrib and Fajr every Ramadhan. This is in additional to allowing us to offer Janazah salah on their premises throughout the year.

However, we are sad to report that many of our attendees have abused this favour by regularly blocking their entrance, especially on Fridays.

This recently resulted in them being unable to offload much needed deliveries, hence affecting their business.
Furthermore, they report that some attendees have been verbally abusing their staff when asked to move.

Additionally, the Worthing Boys Club opposite have also complained that our attendees are regularly parking in a manner which blocks their driveway.

Also, the Imam has received calls from residents on King Edward Avenue complaining that their driveways have been blocked by Masjid attendees.

This type of inconsiderate behaviour is completely against our faith and it jeopardises our privilege of using the nearby car park for Janazah and during Ramadhan.

In light of this, the Committee have decided to take the following steps to prevent further damage to relations with our neighbours:

1) The Masjid will place bollards near its premises to prevent anyone parking in a manner which causes our neighbours inconvenience.

2) Every Friday, we will employ traffic marshalls at considerable cost, who will only allow disabled drivers to park in the trading estate. Everyone else should park in places like Morrison’s which has 2 hours free parking.

3) If any car is parked illegally or in a manner which causes inconvenience to others, the Imam will be asked to make an immediate announcement and if this doesn’t work, he will be instructed to halt the service till the offending vehicle is moved.

These might come across as extreme measures but due to the gravity of the situation, we have no alternative but to take these steps.

We kindly request all members of our community to co-operate with Masjid volunteers when being instructed about parking. In Sha Allah we hope that this will help the Masjid to maintain good relations with our neighbours as well as continue benefitting from the privilege of being able to use the Kuhr Engineering car park for Janazah and during Ramadhan.

We thank you for your attention and immediate co-operation.

May Allah grant us the ability to continue receiving his blessings and rewards during the remainder of this blessed month (Ameen).


Chairman Ali Abdul Rahman
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid Committee)