Collection for Muntada Aid 8th April 2022

Muntada Aid Collection tomorrow after Jummuah

Muntada Aid will be collecting for Cataract Operations in Niger, Uganda & Bangladesh. Niger is considered to be one of the poorest country in the world.

Last year with the support of the generous community they were able to provide 1700 operations alhumdullilah.

One operation costs only £70 which can provide the Gift of Sight 👁️ by the will of Allah.

Project is Zakat Eligible

Redhill Islamic Study Circle collection 25th March 22

Assallamu’alaikum Everyone.

This Friday, our brothers from Redhill will be coming to do a collection in Worthing Masjid to help finance their masjid expansion project. The community of Masjid ul Emaan is growing rapidly, which is causing issues with the space in their Masjid. Alhamdulillah they have been granted permission by the local authorities to extend the masjid to a second floor above the existing structure. This work will cost them in the region of 150k, with the help of their regulars and some local masjids they have been able to raise in excess of 45k. Please help them reach their goal. Just to inform you that the charity called Redhill Islamic Study Circle (Charity No.: 1138280)

Please donate generously.

Emergency Public Meeting at Worthing Masjid on Sun 20th Feb (1pm)

**Emergency Public Meeting at Worthing Masjid on Sun 20th Feb (1pm) **


There will be a special public meeting held after Zuhr Salah, (1pm) at Worthing Masjid on Sunday 20th Feb to discuss the purchase of
St Charles Borromeo Church, Chesswood Road, Worthing.

All Muslims of Worthing are encouraged to attend.

Your attendance will be greatly appreciated and beneficial. (In Sha Allah)

Imran Hafeez (Secretary)

On behalf of Worthing Masjid.

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