*Re-opening of Worthing Masjid on 2nd December 2020*


*Re-opening of Worthing Masjid on 2nd December 2020*

Assalaamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

By the Grace and Mercy of Almighty Allah, congregational (Jamaat) prayers are permitted once again in the Masjid from the 2nd of December 2020.

Therefore, Worthing Masjid will be
opening it’s doors from Fajr Salah on Wednesday.


The Masjid will be opened 15 minutes prior to Jamaat time and closed 15 minutes after Salaah.

All attendees must:

1) Perform wudhu and use the toilet prior to attending the Masjid.
2) Bring their own prayer mats.
3) Wear a face mask.
4) Make use of hand sanitizer stations which will be available upon entry.

The congregational Salah will be offered with appropriate
social distancing measures in place.

The following will not be allowed entry into the Masjid:

1) Children under the age of 13.
2) Vulnerable people with underlying health conditions.
3) Anyone with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 symptoms e.g. coughing, high temperature etc.

At all times, please adhere to the instructions and advice provided by
the volunteers.

We thank you for your co-operation and request you to continue making Dua to make this process easy for
us all. (Aameen)

Please note: Although all effort has been made to follow the governments Covid19 policy, the masjid can not accept responsibility for any individuals.

Imam Idris Nawab
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)

*Suspension of Activities at Worthing Masjid from the 5th of November*


*Suspension of Activities at Worthing Masjid from the 5th of November*


Due to the recent lockdown, we have no option but to suspend all activities at Worthing Masjid starting after Isha prayers tonight. (04/11/2020)

Worthing Masjid shall suspend:

• Congregational five daily prayers
• Congregational Jummuah prayers
• Childrens Madrasah Classes, and
• Programmes, events, visits and talks at the Masjid.

The Imams alongside members of the teaching staff will deliver the Adhaan, offer Salah 5 times daily and engage in Aamals to protect the sanctity of the Masjid.

A selected group of committee members who attend the Masjid most regularly have been chosen to attend the prayers if the Imams are unable to do so. They will also ensure that the minimum number of attendees are present for
the validity of Jumuah.

We appreciate your co-operation and understanding. We urge you to take all necessary precautions to stop the
spread of the virus.

We also encourage you
to continue your daily prayers and routines from home, engage in Dua, recitation of the Quran, Istighfaar and

We pray that Allah, the Most Merciful, showers us with His infinite mercy and grants relief, protection and ease
to all of humanity in these testing times.

We will continue to keep our community regularly updated by way of our home transmitter, website (www.worthingmasjid.co.uk) and Facebook page.

Idris Nawab
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)