23rd March 2020 *Online lessons during Madrasah suspension*


*Online lessons during Madrasah suspension* .

Assalaamu alaykum

Dear parents,

I hope this message reaches you in the best of health and faith.

As you may be aware, the Government has announced the closure of schools. In line with this announcement, we have also decided to suspend face to face teaching at the Madrasah. This will be in effect from today.

As we do not know how long this will continue, we are offering parents the opportunity to access online teaching.

I need to know what the interest is like for this before I decide the best way to facilitate this.

If you are interested and require further information please text or what’s app me your child’s name, your name, your email address and mobile number.

We will be charging a reduced rate of fees for this service.

Jazakallah khairan

Imam Idris.
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)

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