Deen relief 10th March – medjool dates from Palestine

Deen Relief brings to you Medjool Jumbo Dates from the Holy Land of Palestine.
Some brothers from Deen Relief Brighton will be selling Medjoul Jumbo Dates outside Worthing Masjid on Friday 10 March 2023.

The contents of each 900g box have been cultivated by small farms.
Your purchase will support the hard-working farmers of this region whilst aiding Syrian refugee children who are fighting cancer.

Your purchase will not only allow you to take a box of beautiful dates home to your own family, but they may also be gifted to your other family members, your friends and their family members.

As well as being a beautiful addition to any Ramadhan table, opening your fast with a date will be an act of Sunnah.

Each box of delicious dates costs £14.

May Allah swt shower each of you with the blessings of this beautiful month of Ramadhan.

Jazakallahu Khairan