EID UL ADHAA 2022 – Saturday 9th July


*DATE* : Saturday the 9th of July.

*VENUE:* Pond Lane Ground, Durrington, Worthing, BN13 2RH.

*TIMINGS:*Bayan start: 9.00amEid Jamaat: 9.15am


1) Make Wudhu at home and bring a prayer mat with you.

2) Park legally and in a manner not to inconvenience others.

3) Please follow instructions and directions given by the Masjid volunteers at all times.

4) Sisters are welcome to attend the Eid salah outside.

5) In case of bad weather, there will be 2 Jamaats at the Masjid:

1st Jamaat: 9.30am.

2nd Jamaat: 10.30am.

May Allah grant joyous and spiritually uplifting days of Eid to Muslims around the world and May he accept the Qurbani (sacrifice) where ever it is being performed. (Ameen)

Imam Idris Nawab

(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)