Eid al-Ahda 2020

*Re: Eid Salah to be held at the Masjid.*


With deep regret and sadness, we are writing to inform you that Eid Salah will now be held at the Masjid and no longer at Pond Lane as was initially announced and advertised.

After indicating last week that there would be no issue obtaining permission to offer the Eid Salah outside, Worthing Borough Council contacted us today to say that due to the changing Covid-19 situation, they can no longer allow any group to congregate in large numbers.

As a result, Eid Jamaats will be held in the Masjid this Friday (31st July) at the following times:

First Jamaat: 8.30am
Second Jamaat: 9.00am
Third Jamaat: 9.30am
Fourth Jamaat: 10.00am.

Due to social distancing rules, there is space for only 90 worshippers at a time.

The doors of the Masjid will be opened at 8am and once the capacity is filled, attendees will have to wait for the next Eid Salah to enter.

Please make wudhu from home and bring your prayer mat with you.

Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or underlying health conditions must not attend the Masjid.

Unfortunately, on this occasion we will *NOT* be able to accommodate sisters for the Eid Salah.

Like recent weeks, there will also be 3 Jumuah Salahs on Eid day at 1.20pm, 1.45pm and 2.15pm.

Please read our detailed guidance for the Masjid’s Covid-19 guidelines on the links below.

Re-opening of Worthing Masjid on July 4th 2020

Jumuah Salah Times

We thank you for your co-operation.

Please note: Although all effort has been made to follow the government’s Covid-19 policy, the Masjid cannot accept responsibility for any individuals.

Worthing Masjid Committee
(On behalf of Worthing Masjid)

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